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Q. How do I put my body beads on around my waist?


Before you start make sure you;
1.Clean, dry hands
2. Sharp Scissors
3 Container to catch extra beads
Instructions For Placement:
1. Pour bead strand into your palm
2. Take one end of strand in each hand (notice that each end has a white fixed anchor bead. (DO NOT CUT THIS BEAD UNTIL STRAND IS COMPLETELY TIED IN PLACE)
3. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt
4. Pull on (BUT DO NOT UNTIE) both white anchor beads until they loosen the slipknot and make room for the beads to loosen (They will not slide off)
5. Place strand on belly/hips at the preferred location
6. Make sure beads are pushed back from anchor beads so that strand has no gaps
7. Cross strand to close waist beads around your body
8. Pull top strand under and through in order to tie first knot (remaining beads should fall toward the anchor knot)
9. Tie 4-5 knots in order to ensure a secure fit
10. Cut the anchor beads and let remaining beads fall into your container
Check on TikTok our video demonstration 


Q. Can I get my body beads, even though I'm loosing weight?

A. Of course! The large majority of our customers get waist beads for that reason, to watch and manage their weight loss progress. 


Q. How long should my body beads last?

A. This all depends on how you wear them. They are not meant to last forever. As they are made with cotton string which is the traditional way in which waist beads are made, long exposure in water can effect the lifeline.  


Q. Who makes the products?

A. We make all the butters and waist beads. To ensure quality check is at is upmost.


 Q. Are your products tested on animals?

A. All of our products are NOT tested on animals and also our products are all Vegan Australia Certified


Q. My butter this time is a bit different?

A. As there are no preservatives in the butters and made with organic products. Different batches can very in colour and texture. 


Q. My body butter has liquified, is there something wrong?

A. Nope! As there is no preservatives when in warm temperatures the butter liquefies. And yes, it can still be used and is perfectly fine.


Q. Will the butter stain my clothes?

A.  We strongly recommend letting the butter absorb into your skin before dressing. As there is natural oils and this may stain clothes if you try and dress straight away.